Monday, December 8, 2014


My family  Christmas get-together takes place this coming Saturday.  The   My plan is to take a box of hats and let the young ladies - and men  - or old folks -  go at it.

This is the pile so far.  All the same pattern - the H2O Hat from Chicknits.  A great little pattern with only 40 stitches and about 23 rows. 

 Some of mine are knit with bulky yarn and some with three strands of knitting worsted weight held together.  I am aiming for a variety of colours - something to please everyone.

And here is me wearing one.
Vera commented, when I last posted about these little hats, asking  to see one modelled.  She wondered about the fit.  Here you are, Vera.

There is also one cowl in the mix.  The cowl yarn was a gift from Bag Lady Sue and I thought - not hat material.   But perfect for a cowl.  This one has 80 stitches joined in the round.  I worked  one round knit, one round purl, one round knit, all in the fuzzy yarn.  Switching to the main yarn I  knit stockinet until running  out of yarn.  The other side ends with the same three row pattern knit with the fuzzy yarn, then the cast off. 

Seeing all these non Hippie Blue knits, must have you asking  " Is Hippie Blue finished?"  Why yes it is, thanks for asking. 

Tomorrow I will give you all the details and mods of that knit.

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Vera said...

Thanks, Brenda. The hat fits a lot better than the one I knit before :-)