Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What To Do Next

Usually, at the finish-line-in-sight  point in any of my knitting projects, I begin to wonder what I should knit next.  This time is different.

Fortunately, or unfortunately,  in this house, I have a room all to myself.  In it, I house my knitting machine, sewing machine, knitting patterns, books and all my yarn.  Fortunately,    when company comes, I can tidy up by simply tossing  a current project into the yarn room and closing the door. 

Sadly,  it seems, I have done the toss so often that Fred is ready to call one of those  de-cluttering gurus.  The room needs it's own TV show.   

When I think about what to knit next, it is normally fun to go to the yarn room and lose myself for a few hours amongst  my knitting books and yarn piles.  But right now, when I venture into the yarn room, all is I see work.  Those  multiple unfinished projects need to be tidied. 

Open the door to the yarn room and you will see
 the fusion cardi - part machine, part hand knit - in Patons Classic purchased at the Listowel Tent sale. 

Then there is the unfinished cotton cardi
 that I hoped to knit with cotton left over from Tink's Twirly Skirt. 

There are the lace-weight, mohair pieces
 of a drapey front cardi that I feel is destined to be ripped. 

There are unfinished slippers  and  a scarf to match the tam on the left.

There are socks

and my still unfinished Modified Mothed.

So what do I do next?   First, I clean.


Sel and Poivre said...

This reminds me of one early January when my husband was away on business and I pulled out every WIP I had and laid them all out on the floor of the living room. (I had to wait until he was away - that kind of site would have made him apoplectic.) Then I sat on the couch facing the projects and worked on one at a time while scheming which to pick up next. It worked to motivate me like a charm! The whole mess was gone by the time he returned!

Sandra said...

second, you can come to my place and clean my yarn room...