Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Matching Passions

We are a household of matching passions.  Fred and I both  indulge our retired selves, by spending hours at our respective hobbies  passions.  Me with my yarn and needles,  Fred with his line and hook. 

Sometimes our passions frustrate us.  The yarn twists or  tears; the pattern is undecipherable or the end result far from the vision.  For Fred, the frustration often occurs when, despite a mile or so of river available to the fisher people, a fellow fisher will hike down to stand  within inches of where Fred has been fishing.   This doubles the chances of tangled lines and cuts in half the chances of catching a fish.

And of course, for a fisherman, there are always the big ones that get away.

Always, our passions cost us money.  I treat myself to the best  yarn and needles my  budget will allow.  Happily for me,  Fred does  the same with fishing gear.  I never hear a word of complaint about what I spend on knitting supplies.   Nothing like good    tools to improve the skills.  That's my story ...

Almost aways, our passion are fun.  For me fun is  when a knitting project slips easily from vision to fruition.  Or for Fred, fun was this morning,  when he   caught his second, October  Rainbow Trout. 

This one is a biggy.  Seven pounds, and 26 inches long. 

All the better when the passion produces dinner.



Sandra said...

nice fish! We share the same passions - my husband is an avid fly fisherman, and travels of rhis passion (Alaska, the Queen Charlotte Islands, God's River, MB and the Mirimichi).
Nothing like a fresh trout!
Way to go, Fred!

Anonymous said...

Great catch,Fred!
(Brenda ,hopefully is knitting away as Fred takes on the job of gutting and dressing the fish for the evening meal! LOL)

Yarn and Ivories said...

Yum! Quite a catch!