Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's Next?

With   Contrarian on my back today,  I am ready to move on.  Closure from that nasty experience, came with the cast off. Bringing an end to my frustration with that summer knit.

So, what's next?  This bag of yarn has been on my shelf since 2010.

 It is Sable Soft,
 a  chunky weight, 50/50 mix of wool and acrylic.  I purchased it soon after I saw this magazine with the lovely tourquoise coat  on the cover.  It has been waiting patiently ever since. 

Some of my delay in knitting this coat has been seasonal.  Despite the pattern being called Spring Fair,  my  coat, with the rust coloured yarn will be Autumn Fair.   Since 2010, I have chosen not to knit this project  in the spring.  Or the summer.  Or the winter.  But Contrarian's delay means in 2013, the  timing is right.

Like all rule-obeying knitters, I have started with a gauge swatch  sleeve.  (Look what the bright lights of my basement rec room has done to that colour!)
 I love the cuffs done in the rib rolls.  The cable pattern, with only two repeats under my belt is not yet memorized but is certainly easily do-able.   Memorizing is close, I feel. 

My goal is a coat for October.  More specific than that I won't say.  That gives me a 31 day opening.  Surely I can make that.

PS - Please excuse all spelling mistakes in today's post.  And blame them on Blogger's  non-functioning spell check.


Needles said...

The spelling was perfect so it didn't have to do anything! That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Lovely Contrarian and this one looks great too!

Yes some kids are moving in with me for winter. My oldest and his wife and my granddaughter wanted relief from rent so it just worked out for the best.

Jan said...

What a gorgeous colour! It's going to be lovely.