Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Yet

Friday, I was sure my Ombre would be finished by Saturday.  Saturday I thought I would finish it  Sunday.

And Sunday??   Well, enought to say  'not  yet'.

This little sweater has been on the needles for close to two months!  Way too long for my attention span!  Teeny, tiny yarn held double and it is taking me forever.   I recall bloggers using the term - 'marooned on sleeve island'.  Exactly where I am!  At times like these, I am  thankful my parents were not big people.

The sleeves keep shrinking.  Truly.  This is a top-down sweater and, as advised by all and sundry to do with top-down  construction,  I have been trying it on.  Several 'try-ons' ago the first sleeve was the perfect length.   I cast off.  Then it shrank.

By the time I noticed the shrinkage, sleeve number two was underway.  Forewarned, I knit the second sleeve for an additional two inches - trying it on to make sure that extra length gave me what I wanted.  It did.  Perfect.   I cast off  and ripped back  sleeve number one to lengthen it.

This morning, after taking photos of the 'not yet' state of the sweater, I tried it on once more.  Dang.  The finished  sleeve   shrunk.  It could use another two inches still. 

The 'not yet' description is the mild one I chose. The other was, in some circles, perhaps printable -  but not on a knitting blog.


LaurieM said...

Is the sweater hanging evenly on you when you try it on? A shift of the center to the left or right could be causing your sleeve migration.

Sandra said...

unless you're like me and constantly pushing your sleeves up nayway...

Sel and Poivre said...

I had this exact same problem with fingers on knitted gloves over the summer...2 pairs x 10 fingers...anyway, I feel your pain but that is going to be one great sweater when its finally done!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

I thought the knitting fairies were supposed to help not hinder.

Needles said...

The yarn loves you. It doesn't want to let you go.