Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

What with catching the movie Barney's Version  (which I loved, BTW)  at Meaford Hall after knitting, then home to  dinner/overnight guests and Ontario election results to watch,  means Thursday's post is being written on   Friday morning.  Nonetheless,  Thursdays are still for knit group.

Carol arrived back from a long vacation to show all the knitting she had done.  She just kept piling it on.  A purple 'sparkly' sweater for her seven year old Grand daughter.
Then a 'ruffly' skirt to match.
Sparkly and ruffly begin specific seven year old demands requests. Then of course, the outfit must have buttons sewn on at various locations!

A cute pink sweater for yet another Grand daughter.
And a blue sweater for the boy.
That's one 'honkin' big 'show & tell, Carol.  Fun knitting.

Pat arrived with her latest creation.  This time a sweater for herself.  A 'guess-what-kind-of-pet-I-have'  sweater.  The view of the front,
the view of the back
and the best view of all- on Pat.

Doreen, bless her heart, agreed to finish her friend's sweater.  A big job that has given Doreen much knitting grief.  Finished are the body and  one sleeve - that's Doreen, knitting so desperately she can't look up
But -  Doreen has started to whine about not being able to knit on her own projects.  It'll soon be over Doreen.  Two pieces of advice. One  - focus on  how grateful your friend will be.  Two - next time,  say NO!!

Sandy B, her sister Sue and a few friends did a Koigu field trip this week. Sandy exercised great restraint.  Yarn for two Ruffled Scarves in two different colourways for two different daughters.
Probably travelling knitting as Sandy leaves for Florida next week.  Don't you think she looks sad to be leaving us?  How will we manage without you, Sandy?

 The weather is to be beautiful all weekend.  A great Ontario, fall weekend with lots of coloured leaves to view.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.


Sel and Poivre said...

I would be super sad to leave our magnificent autumn behind to go to Florida...I think its understandable Sandy is down about it!

What makes me sad is remembering the days of sparkly and ruffly clothes my daughter used to live in - I just took a whole load to the Donation Box. Right now my face probably looks just as unhappy as Sandy!

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the colours!

Sandra said...

I feel the need for a Koigu field trip...
Happy Thanksgiving - we will be enjoying the great north, i somwhat un-northlike temperatures!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Thanks for sharing! Even though you missed your REader... I have made a similar move. I stopped using the gmail's website, hence I don't have my Reader either. I've decided to go back to it. I need all the help I can get!! I like those slippers!!