Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In A Turkey Fog

I'm in a turkey fog.   There was lots of company, lots of food, lots to be grateful for.

But not much knitting.  Something had to give.  Last night after everyone had left, I could have knit.  Maybe even, should have knit.  But instead I fell asleep in my chair.

Nonetheless, my Transitions sweater is coming along nicely.  I am into the third and last colour grouping.   It is another light-weight  sweater that I think I will love  and wear  lots.
The pattern calls for several inches of ribbing on the lower edge.  I'm thinking maybe not.  Instead,  perhaps an inch or so of seed stitch to match the other borders.  Tiny, little Tanis, the pattern designer,  wears her Transitions buttoned.  Top to bottom.  Mine, I can tell already,  will probably be a  sweater  that doesn't meet in the middle.  So glad that's fashionable.

By tonight, hopefully, the turkey fog will have cleared and I can pick up the needles again.  Heading to the bottom.


Zieknits said...

Another lovely wip!

I agree about replacing the (evil) ribbing with seed stitch. Worn open, the sweater will hang much nicer that way.

Are you doing 3/4 sleeves?

Aside: I had a wonderful time visiting Knit Group a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Brenda, and everyone, for making me feel so welcome!

Sel and Poivre said...

I barely cooked at all this weekend - now that was a real Holiday! Its a big effort to do the whole thing isn't it? No wonder you fell asleep sitting up!

Needles said...

Oh my that looks nice. I'm going through a real 'thing' for natural colours.

Now about that lace. Why not?

Sandra said...

I wear my sweaters the same way, And I always replace ribbing if possible. (Or add a bunch a stitches before starting the ribbing, so it doesn't pull in...)

Stephanie said...

Or perhaps after all that turkey you just needed to sleep. :) Sometimes holidays are not at all about being on holiday!

LaurieM said...

Seed stitch edgings would work very well with the pattern.

Or you have an opportunity to do something wild and crazy like put in some lace, or knit on a side-ways cable. Zany!