Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heading North

It has been a fun, eleven (not that I'm counting) days with two of the Grand Kids.  Activities ranged from  Canada Day
a Blue Jays ball game,
Niagara Falls
and sous cheffing

to  hiking.

What there has not been is knitting.  Unless you count the few partial rows I've accomplished each night before falling asleep in my chair.

Tomorrow we head for the far north via the Chi Cheemaun.  Another new experience for the kids.  There is little that beats witnessing a child experience something for the first time.  Like walking the hall of the Rogers Centre to exclamations of  "This place is HUGE!" 

The next six weeks will be Internet -free for me.  Occasionally, I will borrow a computer for a post or two.  But mostly, it will be outdoor activities until I'm home again. 

So - have a great summer everyone.


Nicki said...

I wish I was your grandchild! Looks like the kids have had a great time. When you get up North you can be like EZ and knit while Fred fishes:-)

Sandra said...

Enjoy your time north! We'll miss you here, and look forward to seeing the multitudes of knits when you get back.

Gisella said...

Have a great summer! And I do hope you'll get at least a little bit of knitting done, it is so wonderfully relaxing in between all the energetic stuff!
Have fun.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you'll have quite a fun summer! :) Enjoy the time. Get more sous chefing in. Maybe even find some knitting time, who knows? It sounds like you're going to be quite tired at the end of each day!

Yarn and Ivories said...

What fun! Meanwhile I'm home until... after the new year... How can that be?
A trip to the "far" north sounds like fun from my 35 degree heat! ENJOY!!

Deb said...

Have fun in the great white north. Not so white at this time of year of course. We'll be heading up in the same direction soon.
Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

freshisle said...

Sooo close! Hope you had a good crossing.

Anonymous said...

You and the grands have already had several great times by the looks of it! Wishing you more memory-making up north,