Saturday, July 16, 2011

From The Library In Hearst

Marvellous that all libraries have computers for public use.  Too bad this keyboard isnt in English.  If I want to include an apostrophe it will look like this --è.    Or a question mark will look like this -- É  Spell check doesnèt  !! work either - well it works but it shows every word I type as being misspelled.  They are not French words afterall. 

My good news is that Featherweight is finished.  Yahoo!  It seemed to take a long time.  One commenter said that she thought I was doing pretty well considering the fingering weight yarn.
 I thought  - hey yea  - thatès right.  But then I rembered that it might be fingering weight yarn but the knitting gauge is DK weight. There goes that theory!

Now I will attempt to give you photos. Strange computer, stange language, strange system - well strange to me that is. I might bomb out here.

A bit of help from the French speaking librabian  and here you are.  First you see Featherweight blocking Hearst style.  Soaked then pinned to a scrap piece of foam and drying out doors in the sun.  No room in the trailer afterall.

And now me in my habitual  new-sweater pose.  Faceless with  hands up - in happiness not arrest. 

And my attempt at the thinkers pose.

Featherweight is a lovely sweater.  Very light - just enough warmth and coverage for a summers day.  I used less than two sekins of Americo Cotton Flammè - hey this French keyboard comes in handy.  Quite a bit less I think but until I get home to my yarn scale, I wont know for sure. 

Details will follow at summers end when I am home and have time to put details on ravelry. 


Sandra said...


Heather Hufton said...

Dear Brenda: The sweater looks amazing on you! I might just try it myself. Heather

Joansie said...

Really like the sweater. Great job!

Deb said...

The sweater is gorgeous but I think the thinker's pose could use some work! Ha, ha.

Needles said...

I've seen the Americo Flamme and it is stunning. The sweater is gorgeous, thinkers pose and habitual pose!

Sharon said...

hi Brenda the sweater looks great..glad you had enough yarn..See you soon and stay cool

Stephanie said...

Looks great! :) Thanks for taking time out to share it with us.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Great looking sweater! Great poses! Thanks for checking in with us!