Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Socked In

Is Brenda still on vacation?

Is Brenda having fun?

Is Brenda enjoying her grand kids?

Is Brenda knitting at all?

Yes to all of the above. As for the knitting, I am 'socked in'. Getting ready for my sock book to hit the stores this fall, I am knitting socks all day, every day. Just before leaving for Hearst I knit a pair of baby socks. Picture-less I'm sorry to say. But very tiny, very cute in Patons Kroy sock yarn. and

In the car, I knit a man's size thick sock. I chose red - real men wear red, right? Again picture less. But imagine a great, ribbed, thick, warm, cozy sock.

Then came another man's size sock - with Waffle Stitch pattern on the leg. At last I remembered the picture part of the process.

This is how much yarn was left. Phew!

Then a ladies, lace sock. I love!! this sock. I love the colours and I love the simple lace-ness of it.
Definitely socked in. But great fun.


Anonymous said...

Loved looking at your sox - I definitely must get some on the needles for my carry-around project. Right now knitting cap for helmet liner and teaching myself continental style at the same time. Must make it a challenge, right? Love your blog.
Nancy FP

Laurie said...

Wow...you really cut it close with that sock. I call those "OMG Projects", as in "Omg...I'm gonna run out of yarn..omg, omg..." ;-)

Love the lacy ladies sock and glad you're enjoying your vacation!

Christy J said...

Just got back from Manitoulin Island. Knitting at the back of the van and playing with the grandkids, just like you. Isn't summer great!

Needles said...

Waiting patiently/impatiently for your book. I waffle. Maybe I need to knit waffle stitch socks till then!