Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy Time

Busy is a mild word to describe the time we've had here. In between this

and this

and this
and this,
I did knit these.
Baby Socks. So cute. One evening each - that is all the knitting time I've managed to stay awake for.

Tomorrow we're off to Hearst where there is no computer. Posting will be limited to the times I can steal minutes on my son's computer. Have a great summer and thanks for reading.


Vera said...

I hope you have a great summer. Don't do too much knitting, save it for the wintertime although I think you will not be able to wait that long ☺

Laurie said...

What fun - and bagpipes!!! I must admit, I LOVE bagpipes (must be that Scots-Irish heritage).

Have a wonderful summer!!

Zieknits said...

Have a wonderful summer. I'll miss your posts while you're away.

Needles said...

Have a marvelous summer Brenda.

freshisle said...

Have a wonderful summer - warm, not hot, sunny and bright.