Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Next?

With  the Olympics done and over, does  focus and determination  wane?   If it is me being asked, the answer is yes. Since finishing Graylina on Saturday I have been poking along on a pair of socks.


We had lots of car time on the weekend and sock knitting is great for that.

You will see a big colour difference on sock #2. 
These socks were meant to use up stash yarn and use it up they did.  One and a half socks took all I had of my navy blue.  When I mentioned the yarn shortage on the blog several weeks back, Sandra came to my rescue.  She happened to have two full balls of navy blue  Lady Galt Kroy.  Vintage yarn for sure.  Not quite the same colour but close enough.  This pair  will be, as Ingrid says, 'house socks'.

But tonight, having recovered somewhat from the Olympic marathon, I will start on a post-Olympic commitment.  A hat, that I promised to knit as long as the recipient could wait until after the Olympics.  Back in the bag for the socks - until the next road trip.

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Sandra said...

The colour match isn't all that bad, considering the vintage of the yarn! I am a huge proponent of car sock knitting! Best way to pass the time.