Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Remember when I said that I hoped to finish Scottish Sweatrrr as well as these curling mittens before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?  And remember when I said it was totally do-able because at that time I still had 3 weeks?  Now, what do you expect I am about to tell you today?

The mittens will not get finished by Friday. This is curling mitten number one.

 No problem you might say.  Two mittens by Friday still a do-able thing.

No problem  - except  -  Fred and I have decided to head to Montreal to watch the Scotties.  That is the Canadian Women's Curling Championships for those of you that don't speak curling.  We leave today.  Knitting on vacation is something I always do but  this time, I am only taking one project.  My Olympic Knitting.   I have the yarn, the pattern and the needles all packed.  I have a day and a bit to do my gauge swatch and make sure I understand the lace pattern.  By Friday, I need to be ready to cast on.

While it would be a perfect combo to knit curling mittens while watching curling championships, a knitter has to prioritize.  Sochi, here I come.


Sandra said...

say hi to Deb G. for me! I'll be watching the Scotties and the Olympics this weekend.
No Olympic knitting for me - I couldn't commit to anything...

freshisle said...

Lucky you. Enjoy the Scotties!