Saturday, February 15, 2014

Podium Potential

Here we are on Day 8 of the Sochi Olympics.    Day 8 is half way to the closing ceremonies.  Is Graylina half way to being finished?  I am not sure. 

Naively thinking, there are 4 parts: front, back and two sleeves.  I have one sleeve and the back finished.

  Plus a bit of the left front.
 So technically, perhaps I could fool myself into thinking that I am half way there.  But then of course, there is the sewing up - Graylina is a sweater made in pieces.  Add to the sewing  the button bands and the buttons - not even purchased yet.  Yikes !!!!

What am I doing blogging?


Vera said...

I really like that pattern and the colour. Good luck on the podium!!

Linda said...

It is a great help to see the WIP and contrast how it looks before blocking, with the photos of the FO in Ravelry. Lovely project!