Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The days here, have been extraordinarily dark and grey.  Not a bit of sunshine to be had.  Sharon, on vacation in Cuba, was most likely the only knitter from the group to see the sun today.  But  our at-home knitters didn't seem to mind.  Their laughter and  talk and knitting brightened the  day.

Today we  had a reunion of sorts.  Joanne was in town.  Spending most of the winter a couple of hours away at her son's house these last few years, means we don't see her often.  We are always glad to catch up with her when she is in town.

She was wearing her diagonal, sock yarn scarf. 

And from time to time, she was wearing Gail's Newfie Mitts. 

Gail was the other knitter we haven't seen in some time.
Having  cataracts removed from both eyes this fall has kept her 'otherwise occupied'.  And imagine this!  She used a doctor that made appointments for Thursday afternoons!   She did manage some knitting though.  For her sister, she knit a warm fuzzy, diagonal scarf and matching Newfie mitts.  The ones she almost lost to Joanne.

Mittens were on several knitters' needles to day.  Wilma is having fun with Thrumbed Mittens.

We did have some quiet, needle-clicking moments,

but mostly there was laughter with our knitting.


Linda said...

Ah, laughter and knitting! I'm getting jealous of your Thursday group!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Linda!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun cosy knit time! You need to pass your camera off to someone else occasionally to get in the pics, Brenda!