Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Hat

Despite this long row of project bags,
each containing yarn and pattern for a sweater (and thanks in advance for the expected   compliments on how tidy my shelf is) I seem to be stuck on hats.

This latest hat was a special request.  Considering that requests don't come along very often, the decision to delay sweater knitting for another short bit of time was a no brainer. 

When dear D-I-L was here over Thanksgiving, she purchased a lovely, new, black, winter coat.  I suggested she needed a bright,colourful scarf to make the outfit a head turner.  My supply happened to be handy and D-I-L modelled them all, took suggestions and decided on this one.


Knit a summer ago with Bernat Mosaic and a garter rib, zig zag pattern that  almost ended my knitting obsession - or as D-I-L put it,  was a B - - - h  to knit, this multi-coloured beauty was the perfect choice.

A few weeks ago, came the request for a hat to match.  "No need for the same difficult pattern on the hat, D-I-L said. Cables will do."  Knit a hat as a result of a request? No problem.  Knit a hat with cables?  No Problem.  Remembering the exact colour used?  Problem.  A smart knitter would have recorded the colour number.  But me,with my poor recording habits - well why even bother to look?   

Michael's had a colour that, seen in the ball and with the scarf miles away, looked to me to be  identical.  Knit up, not so much.  Is it bright?  Yes.  Will it brighten a dark winter's day and black coat ensemble?  Yes. Will it match the scarf?  Probably not.  Sorry, dear D-I-L.  And to make matters more embarrassing,  when the hat was finished,  I found, scribbled on the scarf pattern, the colour number. I guess I don't know myself so well afterall.

 Pattern:  Yarn Harlot's An Unoriginal Hat
Yarn:  Bernat Mosaic - not colour 1110 - held double
Needles:  6.5mm - two sets of short-cabled circs
Mods:  Stephanie suggests size 7mm double points to knit the hat.  I don't own size 7mm so knit it with 6.5.  And switched to two sets of circs.  Fewer points to get in the way.

So dear D-I-L, I will keep looking for Bernat Mosaic in Colour # 1110 and you will, hopefully and  eventually, have two hats.

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Vera said...

Wow, this one is even better. I might be able to knit one too. That scarf is absolutely beautiful. Must look for the pattern to see if I could manage.