Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ladies With Balls

Thursdays, have long been my day for knit group.  But, about a year ago now, a second group of knitters came into my life.  I meet with this group on Wednesdays and for the last year, they have allowed me to teach them and encourage them on their knitting journey.

This group  is not normally, fodder for my blog.  These knitters came into my life as a result of a disagreement which resulted in a switching of allegiances.  Filled with intrigue, the abdication was  fraught with tension.  As a result, I am protective of them.  To blog about them, I feel,  might expose them to  nastiness and vindictiveness   and so -  I give them their privacy. 

But.  Today was so special, I am breaking my own rule.  With Christmas and New Year's Day both being on Wednesday this year, today was our last meet-up until into the new year.  We had great fun, with glue guns, lace and fancy trims, making  decorative Christmas balls.  One of these clever ladies decided that we   were a group of  'ladies with balls'.  Indeed we are.

Merry Christmas Ladies.

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