Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Farther Away

Centre front is farther away that it seemed  at first glance. I am not much closer to it than I was yesterday.

I did though,  last night,  arrive at  my first, centre-back, colour patch. 
Both  front and back centres have a five-stitch panel of contrasting colours and different stitches.They alternate, at knitters will, between stockinet and  reverse stockinet with either of those in main or contrasting colours.  My contrast colours will be  the dark brown which matches a stripe in the skirt but of which I have only a small amount of yarn, the bright orange that will also be at the neck and the triangular sleeve insert and also I will use the cream coloured 'One Of A Kind' yarn on its own.  In the sweater, that ceam is held together with two strands of the very fine brown tweed.  But as one of the colour-patch  colours, I will use it on its own.

Although definitely not centre- front, it was still fun to try out that first colour patch square.  Marching on towards centre-front now.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Ahhh hitting the milestones of a project - like little arrivals of sorts!