Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas To Me

From Brenda.  To Brenda.

Not  my first self-given gift, but it was still a pretty exciting time here at the Harris House when Fred brought the mail home.

This arrived today.

 Although there is nothing special about being a Canadian girl and an Anne fan, there is definitely something special about being a Canadian girl, an Anne fan, a knitter and the owner of a book of Anne-inspired patterns.

Joanna Johnson has published this delightful little book of Patterns For Kindred Spirits.  The book has 8 appropriately-named patterns: Anne's sweater, Diana's Hat and  Gilbert's Scarf to name a few.  They are interspersed with  lots of L.M. Montgomery's  black and white photographs of some of the PEI  places important to the Anne stories. 

This book, like the Anne books, is a delight.  The models couldn't have been more carefully chosen.  See Diana and Anne. 

They look exactly as my  10 year-old imagination pictured them. 

What hours of fun this book will give me.  Thanks, gift giver. Oh - that would be me.


Sandra said...

I got mine last week, and feel the exact same way! Every model was exactly as I pictured them to be, and I love the patterns.
thanks for the recommendation!

Needles said...

Oh my Like, like like!