Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Wow. Wow.  And Wow again.  That is all I can think to say about  what I saw at knit group today.

Ingrid arrived wearing her latest design.  A jumper/dress piece that Ingrid was thrilled to model. 

 Wear it with wings out,    (Don't you love the pooling?)

or wings in.

The back & front/top & bottom  are joined by an inch of plain coloured yarn.  Done, Ingrid said,
 to camouflage the difference in  dye lots between the  front and back pieces.   Stunning Ingrid.  I admire your tenacity and your creativity. 

Sandy B has a big smile on her face. 
Due, I'm sure, to the fact that for short periods of time the Doctor has given her permission  to remove her brace.  Perfect for knitting.

We haven't seen Joanne in a l-o-n-g time.  
She lives most of the year now with her son, a few hours to the east.  We see her only when  she comes 'home' to Meaford and her house on the bay.  Here she shows us mittens knit by Sharon.

Nan likes them too.  The yarn is from  Custom Woolen Mills, purchased when Sharon was on an Alberta vacation earlier this summer.


What a glorious afternoon of inspiration.  Thanks, knitters

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Yarn and Ivories said...

OH, mmm... jumper/dress. ??? Wings, what? I expected to see it doubled back up on the shoulders for a double layer. But, I guess not. It looks like it would confuse me if I didn't have someone help me put it on!