Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleeve City

My Autumn Fair  coat is knitting up quickly.  One sleeve is finished

and the other,  off to a good start.


I deviated from the pattern instructions to knit the sleeve in the round.  All the wrong side  rows described in the pattern were simply 'work  stitches as they appear.'   (Well, that is not what   the pattern actually said, but that is what it meant.)

So -  I thought - wouldn't that be easier to see/do  from the right side of the work?  And to see/do it from the right side meant I would have to knit it in the round.  What a great idea. 

I really like the garter bands on the cuff.  They re-appear on the yoke of the coat - a nice tie in of stitch patterns.  Although the stitch count is not reduced at the end of the cuff,  take another look at the finished sleeve to see how much the cable pulls in the knitting.  Severe blocking will be required in that portion of the sleeve.

And just in case you are not impressed with my one-and-a-bit finished sleeves  -   just in case you  think perhaps I slacked off over the weekend  -   here is what I did in my non-knitting moments.  Pears.

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Sandra said...

cables are always surprising to me at how much they pull in. ANd the pears look yummy!