Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

Today seemed to be 'Borrow some  knitting and tools day' at knit group.  Well after all, isn't that what a knitters' group is for?

It started with Wilma's daughter's trendy hat, knit with Sirdar Crofter.
 Wilma is a lucky Mom.  One of her daughters has come home from the west and  spends much time with Wilma.  Wilma has been sharing her love of knitting and it's working.  This great slouchy hat was knit by her daughter.  We all wanted the pattern and several of us tried the hat on.

First Sharon.

Then Nan,

And Sandy B too.
 Her effort was done with only one hand.  Just 'splainin'.

Sharon knit the cutest hat and mittens for a friend's grand son.  
 16 months of age and this fall he starts  day care.  Mittens on a rope are just the thing.  The little fellow will have warm hands and his Mom will never have to look for the other mitt.

Sandy B arrived wearing a lovely shawl.  From the past, it was her first lace project, Sandy said.
 This puzzled look is because she cannot remember the name of the pattern.  Will the memory return when the cast comes off, Sandy?

Gail had the bargain of the year with her sock yarn.  She was in Buffalo and spotted this sock yarn.
Regular price for the 100g ball was about $13.  On sale for $4.99  Great price.  But wait.  That's not all.  It happened to be 50% off day so Gail paid $2.50 for the 400m, 100g ball of sock wool.  God Bless America.

 Deanna, hasn't been around much this summer.  It looks as if she spent her time knitting.  Her lovely poncho is finished.  A rectangular piece of knitting,  Sew one short end to the long side.  Voila - a poncho.  That is some interesting pooling going on there, Deanna.

What are Deanna and Sharon doing here?  Guesses?

 Deanna borrowed Sharon's knitting tools and spent the afternoon winding several skeins of cotton silk yarn.  

Knitting and sharing.  Perfect knit group activities.


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