Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'No Knitting' Days

I don't know how it happens.  But  from time to time I seem to have a bunch of days in a row that see no knitting.  Such was the case over the last few days.

If I wasn't in the kitchen, I was 'visiting'.   I intended to visit my Dad on the weekend.  The three hour drive means I stay over.  Since dad no longer owns a house, I stay with my sister.  Gracious always, but  still working and with  a teenager in the house means she is, nonetheless,  busy.  So I offered to bake a cake for our Sunday dinner dessert.  One kitchen job, one visit organized.

The second visit was with Dad.  He hasn't been feeling well lately.  Woozy and wobbly is how he describes himself.  So wobbly in fact  that he has not been taking his meals in the dining room.  To give him something different to look forward to, I offered to bring a 'picnic' that we would eat in his room for Sunday lunch.  He asked if I could bring extra so he could invite a friend.  Perfect!  Kitchen job number two and second visit organized.

 Visit number three was with artist son, Peter.  He has a month long show at a local gallery and the grand opening was Saturday.  Both he and the 'Lady of Spain' were driving up for the opening and I simply couldn't see them returning home without a meal and a visit.  Kitchen job number three was Saturday night dinner.  Homemade pizza and Ceasar salad.

How much knitting did I get done between cake baking, sandwich making, pizza prep and all those  visits?    Not one stitch.  The weekend involved no knitting.    At all. Back to the needles tonight.  For sure.


Sel and Poivre said...

I know exactly what you mean! On the other hand when non knitters learn that I knit, often the next question is "what do you knit?" When I give them a short list they then generally say "wow, how often do you knit" When I say "Everyday" - at least that's my goal" They don't even know how to proceed with the conversation after that. So nice to have knitblogfriends who post about how odd it feels to have a few days without knitting!

Anonymous said...

A very odd feeling indeed. We are addicted big time ladies. I knit every day. Lately I have been getting in a lot of knitting time but when I have to pay attention to other things in life , it is sorely missed. I hear ya!