Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lace Logistics

Cinne, my little, lace sweater being knit from re-cycled 'When Debbie Met Sally' yarn is moving right along.  This sweater started with a centre-back, lace panel which knit up very quickly. Even for me - a not-so-highly-skilled,  lace knitter.  Only 35 stitches after all.

If one could say that the  centre panel runs north and south, then think of knitting off towards the 'east' for the first sleeve.  Stitches are picked up along the 'east' side of the centre back and lace knitting continues  at right angles to that original section.  Follwed by the west side story - repeating the same thing  on the other side of the centre back panel. That is where I am at the moment, with the sun  ready to set on those west-side lace stitches.  Tonight I will seam the lower half of those 'western' stitches, leaving the upper half open to form the sleeve.   

The rest of the sweater is a mere matter of picking up the stitches along the lower edge of the lace work and knitting in stockinet stitch until the piece reaches desired length.  While the lace was an easily-memorized, four-row repeat,
it will, nonetheless, be nice to settle into some stockinet.  Nothing like having the last little bit be boring.  A perfect end to an interesting sweater.


Sandra said...

I can't wait to see this finished and modeled - it looks like the perfect summer sweater - I may have to hijack the pattern and make it myself!

Gisella said...

What a thoroughly lovely project! I love lace patterns that become familiar and with that easy to knit. And to be able to end with a generous length of stockinette! Just wonderful.
I love the idea that you can lengthen the sweater to wherever suits you. Brilliant idea, wonderful project.
Looking forward to seeing a photo of the completed item!
All the best.