Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

Star status  again today.  Without even a  star-like tantrum,  we were given the actors prep room once again.  Such a lovely room.  I think I could memorize lines.  Instead we knit.

Sharon  had modelled her alpaca Mothed for the group before I arrived.  With today's temperature  hovering around 30', it was much too hot to wear  Alpaca  for any length of time.    But bless her heart, Sharon re-modelled the seven-times-warmer-than-wool sweater for late-comer me.
 I love it!  Similar in construction, style and weight to the Featherweight, I think I might have to put that one in my queue. Doesn't that smile say it all?  A knitter happy with her knitting.

Sandy has a bright, cheerful, summer dress for a three year old on her needles. 
The Pink ruffle is shorter than the others, Sandy noticed.  Will the three year old care?

Gail finished what must be the stash buster of all stash busters. 

Lovely afghan, Gail.  Surely you must be able to go yarn shopping soon.

Wilma, with her Featherweight finished, is on to summer sweater number two. 

She's a factory, I tell you.  This one, knit with  Patons Grace, a discontinued yarn from her stash, is a great choice for a summer 'tee'.  Stash-busting all around the table.

Knitters knitting summer tees and little summer dresses.  Then there was talk of knitting at the beach.  A sure sign that summer is here.  Good thing the needles don't ask for vacation time.

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