Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With mounds of brightly coloured yarn for inspiration, mitred squares took centre stage  needle at  knit group again today.  Started last week, the rage continues.  
Doreen, Sharon and Sandy all had mitres on their needles.  Sandy of course has been doing it for awhile  - just look at her exquisite little jacket. Inspiration indeed.

Casually cast over the back of Sandy's chair today, was a piece of knitting that caught my eye. It looked so much like the yarn and pattern I purchased at Saturday's Knitters' Frolic.  Mohair, knit into a  fluid, floaty piece.
Turns out Sandy knit her piece over the winter.  Same yarn and same pattern as my recent purchase.  That meant, of course, that I had to try it on.
 Not my colour,  but a lovely, lightweight yet warm piece.   Sandy's next one will be in that delicious chartreuse Zen yarn she is holding. 

Wilma finished a delightful, little, green cardi. 
Apple green cardi with apple red buttons.  Nice, Beaver Valley piece, Wilma.

Gloria is working on a lovely blanket. 

Such great colours that I had to get a closer shot. 
That look of knitterly determination you see on Doreen, in the background,  is all due to mitred squares.

And Nell brought in the "can you guess what this is"  piece of the week.

 Looks like a giant darning needle.  

Says K-Tel Knitter on the side.  Any ideas?

For a group that focuses on - among other things - colour, we were not very observant today.  A painter guy appeared at the door about an hour into our session and asked  "How do you like the new colour?" 
Silence.   I had to do a quick think.  Right, I did see evidence of painting when I came down the hall. 
 "We love it!!!" I said.  
Pleased as punch to hear that,  he smiled and left.  
Was the room painted?"  someone asked???  "What colour was it before?" someone asked. 
None of us could say.  One might say we are not very observant.  Or - one might say that when there is knitting , nothing else matters.


Sandra said...

I believe that with the riots of colour int he yarns hat surround you, the background fades away. Just because you don't notice wall colors doesn't mean you're not observant - you picked off that cardigan from across the room!

Anonymous said...

oh my, it's a k-tel knitter! Haven't seen one for 'years'!
Similar to using a crochet hook.

Like the projects at knit night.


Anonymous said...

I have a Ktel knitter but never mastered it.
The instructions can be found on Marnie McLeans web site.
I think it was from the 70's.
Happy Knitting

Needles said...

My how I do remember those adds.