Monday, May 14, 2012

Duct Tape And Dress Forms

The great thing about going to Sis' house for the weekend - apart from her great hospitality, of course - is the great LYS.  Greater still, this weekend  Needles In The Hay was offering a Saturday morning workshop.  Glenna C - she of Knitfest fame - was doing a workshop on creating a duct-tape dress form.

Long have I lusted after a dress form. Imagine not having to deal with  a top-body only  image in the over-the-dresser mirror.  Or being distracted by jeans that no longer fit  or the pile of dirty laundry in the corner when using the full length mirror.  Dress forms, however,  are atrociously expensive. 

But for the price of Glenna's workshop - which included all the duct tape any body size might use - I  could have a dress form.   Better and easier fitting now within my  reach. 

Duct-Tape Dress Forms is  not a workshop for the shy.  Perfect strangers smooth tape on your body in places that   aren't often 'smoothed' in public. 
Once the taping is complete
 and Glenna has had her way with body paint, 

the taped and the entire class of tapers  troop off to the  washroom together  - not your normal knitting workshop- so the form can be cut off.  There stands  a partially,  naked knitter   until someone thinks to hand over the street clothes.

My new friend Jan, with whom I've shared so much,  was a very good sport about allowing me to take her picture during this process.   And she returned the favour when it was my turn. Thanks, Jan.

To remove the knitter from the form, it  - the form, but hopefully, not the knitter - is cut straight up the back. Here, Glenna re-tapes my form for it's final incarnation.

Two happy knitters   and their duct-tape dress forms. 

All that remains to be done is to stuff my form with  a pillow and a bit of extra poly-fill for the bump-outs  and hang it in the yarn room.     Easier fitting from now on.  Thanks Glenna.  It was lots of fun!


Dusty Mills said...

I made one of these too! I didn't enjoy the process but I'm sure glad I did it! I stuffed mine with crumpled newspaper and then added a stryo-head and decoupaged it with ripped craft paper.

Dusty Mills said...

The link I posted (that has to be copied and pasted) is a picture of my finished form.

Jan said...

Amazing how we become instant friends when we smooth each other! LOL

LaurieM said...

You two look like knights in shining armor. Beware the knits!

Needles said...

Wonderful! I used to have one, then I got a real form, but no matter how much I fiddle with it it does not 'meet' some of me. I liked the old one better and would do it again. Maybe I can talk my daughter in law into assisting!

LynS said...

How ingenious - and brave! I look forward to your reports on how useful it is for fitting your knitted creations.

Love the knight comparison by one of your commenters.

Anonymous said...

It was fun, wasn't it?! I particularly enjoyed the looks from people coming into the shop or just walking down the street! I'm looking foward to putting mine to use!!