Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

A private function today, in our normal knitting room at Meaford Hall  meant our group was re-located to a space usually  hidden from the public.  They put us in the room used by the performers.  We liked it there!

Well lit by big windows, comfy sofas to relax on, tables to set our needles and bags on, a kitchen,  laundry facilities, dressing rooms, showers, and those surrounded-by-lights mirrors one usually only sees in the movies.  How the other half lives!  Saturday evening, Fred and I have tickets to see
Susan Aglukark at the Hall.  When she walks on stage, I'll know what room she just left. 

I suspect it is a space that normally doesn't see too much knitting.   But there was knitting today.

Wilma arrived wearing her finally-finished Featherweight. 
It gave her lots of grief because the yarn un-plied itself as she knit.  She thought she had discovered the cause of the problem when the  yarn behaved beautifully while knitting the sleeves.  Unlike the cardi body, which is knit back and forth and therefore has purl rows,  the sleeves are knit in the round.  'Must be my purling method', thought Wilma. With the sweater body taking her a month to knit due to the un-plying, she dreaded the thought of  the wide ribbing.   With the purling involved, another month is what she thought she was facing. But it went well. No more un-plying.  Perhaps it was simply a bum ball of yarn.  It sure didn't prevent you from knitting a beautiful sweater, Wilma.  And such a gorgeous colour.

Sandy  got a hand with her yarn winding today. 
With a thousand metres of lace weight Zen destined for another Whisper cardigan,  it would have been hours of hand-rolling a ball.  Sharon kindly brought her swift and winder and

Bonnie has a funky purple and white baby blanket almost finished.
 Less finished when she left for homebecause she had to rip back a few rows.   Hate it when that happens.

 Gail is knitting a pair of bright yellow socks for a nine year old.
Sharon and Wilma are both interested in the ribbing.  The type of ribbing - 3x1,  I overheard -  and the length of the ribbing.  And who is that hanging around in the background?  Why if it isn't my Duct Tape Dress Form.  Wouldn't you know it? Now they all want one!    I sense a rollicking good workshop coming up.

Lots of fun and the space made us feel  like the stars that we are.

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