Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun At The Frolic

Saturday was Toronto's  annual Knitters Frolic hosted by the Downtown Knit Collective. Again, I worked the Cabin Fever booth.  This year, with Lynda
-one half of the Gemmell sister duo. 

What a day!  So much busier than last year.  Mr Finance Minister, if knitters are any indication,  the recession is over!

Supposedly, I was there to work.  But there were so many knitter friends to visit with.    No-longer-new Nan was there.  As was Sandy B and her sister, bag-lady Sue.  Marie of Sel&Poivre, Sandra of Curlerchick knits, Sharon and Patrick both   ex-co-workers from London and the biggest surprise of all, also from London, my good friend Patti-Ann.  Neither of us had thought to ask the other if we were going to the show so our meet up in the hall was a big surprise for both of us.   

Patti-Ann is very perfectly tuned into my knitterly self.  She knows what colours I wear - and more importantly -  what colours I should wear.  She knows the limits of my knitting skills.  Having a friend with this knowledge makes her a very big  enabler.  A could-be dangerous situation at times.  Luckily, my guilt at being away from the booth for too long at a stretch,  kept me from doing too much damage on the  shopping circuit.  Otherwise  I'd be seeking debt counselling this morning. 
I did purchase some skeins of what I call, standard show yarns. Standard show yarns come in two kinds.  One kind makes me say "I love this, have no idea what I'll do with it, but gotta' have it.  
In this case, three skeins of yarn labelled One Of A Kind.  Read - prepared for the show.  Lace weight, in a Polyester, Flax and Silk combo.   

Then it's direct opposite. 


The  kind of yarn with  an accompanying pattern 

which catches my attention because it has been knitted up and is on display for show-goers to  gush over. (I'm not sure I really needed two of them, Patti-Ann.  I might need to enforce  mandatory limits on enabling)

All in all, a wonderful day.  The booth looked lovely with new patterns knit up. 
This green sweater is from Deb's soon-to-hit-the-shelves book of large size knits. 

The new, lace-on- all-edges shawl pattern, designed by Robin Hunter is a beauty. 
Especially in CF's yarn  that contains  sterling silver.

There was lots of visiting, lots of shopping - oh and some  'boothing'.  Sorry about my short attention span, Lynda. 


Sandra said...

I bought the same Poly-Flax-Silk stuff (3 skeins) and the same Whisper cardi in the same browns!
What is it they say about great minds?

Needles said...

Tell Deb I can't wait for her new book.

Zieknits said...

I love that new Robin Hunter shawl!