Friday, April 27, 2012

Where Did Thursday Go?

Many of you, I know, look forward to my Thursday posts.  It is fun to see the knitting antics of Doreen, Nicki, Sharon, Ingrid and all the other knit-group knitters.  So, I apologize for this week's s no-post  Thursday.  Instead of knit group, I was at my routine appointment for the squishing of certain female body parts.  No knit group for me.  Too bad too,  as Sandy B, home from Florida, taught the knitters how to do mitred squares, generously printing out and sharing all the tips she has learned  from her many mitred-square projects.

Knitting was accomplished chez Brenda though, as the lace work on Cinne is motoring along.
The four-row lace repeat, with rows 2 & 4 being identical in that they work the stitches as they appear, is  just within my lace-knitting reach.  Combining that with interesting construction makes it a  fun knit.

The top starts with a 35 stitch centre back panel.  Once that is finished, stitches are picked up along the sides of that panel and knit outwards to the end of the sleeve.  That gives a vertical lace pattern in the centre back, sandwiched between  horizontal lace panels on the side edges.

  Same pattern, turned at right angles.  Quite unique.

When the back side stitches are picked up along the  centre-back panel, in the same row, you carry on, to cast on an equal number of stitches   for the front side panels.  You can see those cast on stitches with  a few rows of lace in my work here.

The piece looks scarily small, so a try-on seemed a good idea.
My finished piece will be longer than it appears now.   The pattern includes a short, shrug-like version which has the  ribbing worked at the bottom of the lace.  My piece, as you see it here, with ribbing would be the short version. I am knitting the long version, which means I will pick up stitches at the bottom of the lace and knit down until desired length.   

That covers the length issue.  But is is big enough around?  Hopefully being lace, it will block out bigger giving me a bit more ease.   It is not meant to meet in the middle, but still - will I be forced to knit a  very wide ribbed trim?

Lightweight, lacey, and very 'du jour'.  So far, so good.

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It looks good. My bet is that the lace has the give you want.