Monday, April 23, 2012

Was There Any Knitting?

With the recent high points  of my life being my ' Aunt Of The Bride' sewing project and the New Orleans wedding, the blog has boasted few, recent  knitting posts.  But there was some knitting.

On the drive to the airport, I finished a very long-overdue, second sock.  Sock number one was knit in the spring  of 2010 for the Need A Sock? book.  Creating the book meant a marathon of sock knitting.  When it finally went to the printers, the sock yarn and needles took to hibernation.  But there are more than a few single socks waiting for mates.

This pair I  kept in the  glove compartment of the car knitting on them when I was a passenger on  long drives.  Heading to the Detroit airport for the flight to New Orleans was a long enough drive to get the pair finished. Yahoo!

This  pair of   mottled purple and green
are knit with  Patons Kroy Stretch yarn.

The pattern is  a variation of the  basic pattern from the Need A Sock? book.   Sporting   2 x 2 ribbing for the entire  five inch cuff,   they become 'Bobby Socks' when the cuff is turned over.
 Before I get   emails galore from the under 50 crowd wondering what the heck is  a Bobby Sock,   google   'the sixties'.  Look for fashion items such as poodle skirts and Bobby Socks.

These socks, meant for me,  are my de-rigeur size.   64 stitches on  2.25 mm needles with, when measured from the completion  of the gusset decreases to the beginning of the toe  decreases,  a  six inch foot.   

Nice summer socks.  Now that the bottle-neck has been broken, I am certain there will be more second socks to come.  Soon.


Needles said...

poodle skirts. Ah the memories. I was young but I do recall some that were the last remnants of poodle skirts. You wore things till they wore out where I come from.

Sel and Poivre said...

Won't you be wearing your new green heels all summer? I don't think they will look good with those socks, even with the dash of green in the FO! ;)