Monday, April 9, 2012

A Good Match

I have called my latest knit When Debbie Met Sally.
It is a sure case of opposites attracting, combining Sally Melville's  creative idea of alternating needles sizes every other row with Deb Gemmell's brilliant, never-fail method of neck shaping in a top- down sweater.  And darn if those two weren't meant for each other.

The  overall look - a  loosely-knit, drapey fabric that speaks 'summer' -  reveals  Sally's DNA, while the construction is pure Deb.  Most top-down patterns start with less than 100% of  stitches, then increase   at the end of each row until reaching  the required number.  Deb's method is the complete opposite.  It involves casting on  more stitches than required, then decreasing at  row-ends until the shaping is finished and the required number of stitches  reached.  It gives, in my opinion, a much neater, better fitting neckline.

Being loose and drapey meant that the stitch consistency of When Debbie Met Sally seemed not so 'pretty'.  But a toss in the washing machine cured that.
 That looseness also meant that the neckline seemed a bit 'baggy'. But a crocheted chain at the base of the neckline cured that.

Most likely, it will be  a sweater that requires frequent washing to restore it to the size and shape I like.  The double combo of garter stitch and the  large needle size will mean some stretch and wonky shaping I'm sure.

Pattern - loosely based on the basic Dk weight Top Down V Neck Cardi from Button Up Your Top Down.  Used Sally Mellville's idea of one large and  one small needle as in her pattern Where's The Opaque from Book 1 The Knit Stitch.
Needles - 3.75mm and 6.00mm  - alternating one row each throughout the sweater.  Trim on neck and sleeves knit with 3.75mm only.
Shaping - some waist shaping done with side decreases.
Length - about 4 inches below waist.
Short rows used on the sleeves to keep the top side of the sleeves from riding up.  Also a couple of short rows across the back.  It is not easy to hide short row turns in a loosely knit, garter stitch garment. My jury is still out on whether or not their advantages outweigh the wonky stitches.

All in all a pleasant, little summer cardi for a New Orleans wedding.
Tomorrow, I'll model the entire Aunt Of The Bride ensemble.


Sandra said...

looks great, and I love how you have combined the best of each designer to get something that fits YOU. Can't wait to see the whole ensemble!

Deb said...

It's gorgeous. Well done Brenda!!