Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Debbie Met Sally

It's time to move on.  Time to put my Creative Top-Down in a time out.  I wasn't feeling the love - knitting was becoming a drag.  With the March Break providing me with non-knitting thinking time, I realized - it's only a month until my niece's wedding!  My niece's wedding that takes place on a swamp boat  in New Orleans.  Hot, humid New Orleans.  I don't need a fuzzy, furry, wool/alpaca blend sweater right now.  I need a summer cover up.

So, my CTD, has been set aside for the time being and I have started Creative Top-Down V2.  My 'Debbie Met Sally' summer cover up.

I was inspired by Audreypurrls.  She has been thinking of knitting Sally Melville's
 Where's The Opaque?   for a late summer wedding.
It is a see-through/opaque combo top, from The Knit Stitch Book.  It started me thinking.  Why not do the entire sweater in the see-through stitch?  Of course that would mean a cardi not a pullover.  But to top off  a little, summer, sun dress - it would be perfect for the wedding. The question then became - what summer cardi pattern would I use?
I chose Deb Gemmell's Shrug Those Shoulders  pattern - a variation of the basic DK weight, V Neck cardi from the book Button Up Your Top Down.

 Knitting it with a mint green cotton/acrylic combo from my stash,

I think it will be a  great addition  to my  'Aunt-of-the- Bride' dress.

There were a few false starts yesterday as I tried to estimate the number of stitches  for the cast on. Since the entire sweater is a form of garter stitch,   I am converting the  2X2 ribbing to garter stitch  for all the trim.  My knitterly instinct tells me, that  at the neck line, fewer stitches might be required to pull that off.  I played with it a bit and think hope I have it. 

Would Sally  be pleased at this adaption of her pattern?  Not sure.  Deb will be thrilled - that I know. 


Deb said...

YES, I'm thrilled. I always like to see what knitters can do with a simple basic pattern. It's looking great so far. Really interesting combination. I can't wait to see a little more of it.

Sandra said...

Your top down V.1 will always be there - this is a much more timely knit, and the colour is beautiful! I love my summer cardis.