Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Modified Duffers

Slippers, in particular felted slippers,  have been my go-to knitting this winter.  When struggling with or bored by  my larger projects, I have knit a pair of felted slippers. 

I have long been searching  for the 'perfect slipper pattern'.  And Woo Hoo!!   I think I've found it!  The 19 Row Felted Duffers pattern  is almost the perfect slipper pattern. 

This weekend's pair  of Duffers, shown here  pre-felting,
have black soles, knit with   Cabin Fever Northern Lights,  paired with  variegated brown tops, knit with  my last skein of the Made-In-China, Wal Mart yarn  snatched from Gloria's Great Give-Away. With perfection in mind, I did make a couple of modifications.

Instead of the 19 rows, I took the suggestion offered in the pattern and knit an additional  two rows. 21 rows in total.   This makes the slipper come up further along the foot, both on the sides and also on the toe portion.  My modified Duffers, shown below,  look much more like a traditional slipper
 than the slippers knit to pattern. 

The origial slippers have a ballet slipper look.  Both appealing in their own way, just different. 


There is one issue to be aware of though.  Once those two extra rows have been knit, the opening for the foot  - even before felting -  appeared quite small.  Not wanting a pair of slippers I couldn't get my foot into, I undid the cast off and re-knit - or that would be re-purled -  the last row, increasing the stitch count by a M1 every 7 stitches.  This resulted in a more spacious cast off and foot opening.

There is yet one more modification I have in mind,  so there is still another pair of Duffers on my winter, knitting horizon.   More  quick, fun, easy knitting!  Woo Hoo!

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