Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Ingrid  declared today 'hat' day.  We all brought our hand-knit hats for one giant 'show and tell'.  Hats stretched the length of the table.

 Such variety!  Such fun!

There were unique hats for big people

 and unique hats for little people.

There were baby hats.

hats with pom poms,

hats with cables,

and hats with I-Cord toggles on top

There were hats with jewels,

hats with peaks

and hats with flowers.

There were felted hats,
favourite hats,


and reversible hats.

All those hats!   This was a   'hat trick' of the knitterly kind. At the drop of a hat, these knitters  came  and brought a  table full of hats.   Hats off to all hat knitters. Some might think us mad as hatters, but I'd throw my hat in the ring with knitters any day.  And you can hang your hat on that one!


Needles said...

Oh. My. Gosh! What fun!

Sigrun said...

I love your knit group posts. I go to two knit groups--one is just for knitting, at a coffee shop, the other is a "Learn to knit" group that I let myself get talked into. It's going well, but challenging--without consulting me, they bought sock yarn and dpns. None of them knew how to knit at all. Three members are knitters, and they bring projects to work on, that they might need help with.

Christy J said...

I've been into hats more this winter myself. I recognized your felted "spaghetti" hat - I still love it. Among all the other lovely ones, I particularly like the pinky mauve one that's ruched with some garter stitch rows. Is this a pattern I could find somewhere?
Just got your comment that you joined Craftsy too. That's great! It looks good so far, and fits into our resolutions to keep learning and refining our skills.