Monday, March 5, 2012

Luxurious Living

Living as I do, in the heart of ski country, where a mere 12 minute drive separates  my front door from the  chair lift, I often spend my winters mornings on the slopes.  Today was no exception.

Well, there was one exception.  The weather.  This winter has not been cold nor sunny.      Today though, as we start to stumble towards spring, we had a true winter's day.  Cold and sunny.  The thermometre read minus 10  asI buckled up my  ski  boots.

Early-morning skiing means  no crowds on the hill, no line-ups for the lift.  Sometimes, the only person within sight on the hill, I can do my self-imposed run count before  most folks take their coffee break.

Back home today, I put the coffee on then headed out to the hot tub.  The sun was strong and warm and felt wonderful on my vitamin D-starved, winter skin.  Fred delivered my coffee to me  ( Don't get envious or covetous. It wasn't as if he thought that up all by himself.)

Now,  I am off to the monthly meeting of the oh-so-unimaginatively-named Stitch & Bitch group for a couple of hours of social networking knitting.   Such a luxurious day!

 There are felted slippers 

to report on - but I will leave that to tomorrow.


LynS said...

A luxurious day indeed! Living where I do, skiing would involve at least a seven hour drive each way to Australian ski fields in a good winter, or alternatively an international flight and the expenditure of huge amounts of money. Still, I do have a swimming pool just outside my door. Happy chatting and knitting.

LaurieM said...

Very nice. I'm sure you've earned it.

My day wasn't quite so luxurious, yet I still feel quite fortunate. I'm working in my home office, with sunlight streaming in. My husband will be cooking dinner and I have the luxury of dog pats during the day and knitting through online meetings.

It's always a good idea to count one's blessings.