Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Early  rain cancelled a morning hike,  but by afternoon the sun was out.  Other than an afternoon with knitters and yarn, sunshine is the next best thing to lift spirits.  With all three happening at once - well only a knitter could imagine the fun.

Sharon is well along with her Featherweight.  Using the Americo Cotton Flamme she purchased at the Creative Festival, it's looking  fabulous - a wonderful summer sweater.

The advantage of top down knitting, of course, is being able to try it on.  But Sharon, afraid of losing stitches - or so she said - had yet to do a fitting.  Wilma helped and


all fears were allayed.  No lost stitches and it fits!

Ruth had needlework to show.  One down, five to go for an  'owl-loving'  daughter.

I'd say she seems happier with her knitting than her needlework.  This little   sweater is for an expected great grand child.

I often speak of the great, warm feelings knitters have for one another.  Bonnie and Ruth demonstrated.  Hammed up  for   the camera of  course, but no less real for the  staging. 

Sandy is still working on little hats - 

 and searching here for something in that big bag of hers.  Perhaps a little girl for the pink outfit Sandy knit before  everyone knew the baby was a boy. 

And smiling Gail is working on Smiley's Stripey sweater number two.  Two sleeves at once.  Very clever, our Gail.

Bright yarns, bright knitters, bright sunshine.  A great spring day.


Sel and Poivre said...

'Reading your weekly knit group reports one would think the sun always shines in your part of the world!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Everything looks like fun. I agree that the top-down sweater is wonderful for allaying fears of size problems, and I'm the queen of mis-fits!!