Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Excuse any blurry pictures and spelling errors you see here  today. This post is being written by a  very sleepy blogger.  I started the morning with the  first-of-the-season hike.   Two and a half hours over rocks, branches and creeks.  Home just in time to shower and head to knit group.  Knitting and chatting for the afternoon - I know, tough job but some one's got to do it -  then off to see, for my third time,  The King's Speech at Meaford Hall.   Home to  dinner  (I  cooked it, Fred heated it up.  He's a good man, but there is a limit.)  a cup of tea, and I can tell you, there aren't many 'bright-eyed & bushy tailed' hours left in my day.

 Thank goodness  the bright  knitting by bright and energetic knitters kept me awake.

From Saturday, when she purchased the yarn at the Knitters Frolic, to Thursday, when she showed off this lovely shawl at Knit Group, Sandy B has been a busy knitter.  
It's a very crushable,  purse-size shawl.  Perfect for summer evenings.

Nicki and Sharon are both working with Americo Cotton Flamme
Nicki,  still working on her see-through, beach cover while Sharon knits Hannah Fettig's  Featherweight Cardigan.  Nicki worked her garment with a 4.5mm needle - hence the see through part - while Sharon is using a 3.75mm for her sweater.

Doreen has started a Nimbus
First, she admired mine, then she admired  Wilma's and now she will have her own.
Gail picked up some  Smiley's Stripes  at the Knitters Frolic and started a top-down sweater for her grand daughter. 

Then ran out of yarn.  Sadly, in our tri-town area of Meaford, Collingwood and Owen Sound no yarn store carries  Smiley's Stripes. Enter Wilma who purchased the same yarn, in the same dye lot, on our Creative Festival road trip a few weeks back.  She had exactly one ball left over from her little sweater.
How lucky is that!   Whew!  Gail's  'cropped crisis' avoided!

Little hats with I-cord tops are still Sandy's primary projects lately. 

 Those hats seem to be making knitters at that end of the table very happy.  As well they should, with their bright, cheery colours and cute, little, loopy cords.


Now, before my head hits the keyboard, I'm off to put on the PJs and maybe ?? knit a row or two.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Massachusetts..dropped in from a link on your Cabin Fever comment.. nice blog..the Thursday group looks like fun fun fun!
Will be visiting often to share the fun and objects of you and the Thursday Group!