Monday, May 2, 2011

Frolic Fun

Really, the title of this post should be  be re-worded to speak to the great fun I had on both Friday and Saturday.   With Friday's Royal Wedding Breakfast Party and  Saturday's Knitters Frolic,  - how could I spend my time any better?

Being more of a southern/central Ontario girl, my Knitters 'frolic' has always been September's  Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair.   But, Cabin Fever, the kind  people that published my  sock book, always participate in the Toronto's Knitters' Frolic and this year I volunteered to help at their booth.   What  a great day!    Here's Deb Gemmell  before things got too hectic.

Can it get any better than spending all day talking knitting with knitters?  Helping the confused or discouraged knitter to understand a stitch or pattern instructions?    Meeting up with so many knitter friends that were originally only cyber friends? 

This is Sandra of Curlerchik fame with Deb.
 I bumped  - literally - into a knitter from my old London neighbourhood  that I haven't seen for almost six years and into Nan, who up until last month was a Torontonian,  but as of this  month  is a Mefordite and the soon-to-be newest member of   our knit group.  As soon as the boxes are unpacked she says.

My booth partner for the day was  Dana,  another Cabin Fever designer.     She's wearing her gorgeous pink lace cardigan from Button Up Your Top Down.  (Bottom right of the link)

The Frolic exceeded expectations and  I didn't even shop!!   Now that's a great day.


Sandra said...

no worries. I shopped enough for both of us.

freshisle said...

No shopping! How did you manage?
Knitter's Frolic is on my list of things to do the year I retire. I've heard it's wonderful.

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Wish I'd been there too, but ended up driving to Perth instead (and photographing laundry!)Next year...

Ellen said...

I would have said I was going to the bathroom and abandoned my booth partner to shop. And I would have returned with a conciliatory cup of coffee and a stitch marker or some such lovely gift. But that's just me. Hey, ironically, my word verification is "shlited"!