Friday, May 6, 2011


Sandra, who stepped out of my cyber world and into my real world last  Saturday at the 'Frolic'  has been blogging for awhile now.  As have I.   It's common when two bloggers get together to  talk about blogging.  My conversation with Sandra revolved around   the evolution of blogging and bloggers.

The conclusion was that Knitting Blogs are past their  heyday.  They no longer hold the monoply on the  cyber-speak world of knitters talking to knitters.  What with twitter, flickr  and ravelry,  blogging  barely clings to third place.  But, both Sandra and I, either stuck in ruts, living in the past, slow to adapt to change, hoping for a return to the glory days or all of the above,  remain faithful to our blogs. Both of us  are  on  ravelry but neither of us twitter. 

One piece of evidence I put forth, to show the lessening interest in Knitting Blogs, was the absence of the  self-promoting,  'Blogger Awards' in  March of this year.  (Horrors.  I presume that is a true statement and not simply a case of no awards for Brenda).  Either way, I was left without an official opportunity to tell you of  both my new  and perennial favourites this year.

Here then for your weekend reading pleasure is my 2011 list of 'never-miss-em'  blogs.

Sandra's Curlerchik
Marie's - Sel&Poivre
Marian's - Freshislefibers
Deb & Lynda's - Cabin Fever Sisters Knit
Glenna's -  Knitting To Stay Sane 
Denise's  -  Needles and Things
Ellen's - Odacier
Christy's  - Stashqueen
Terri's - Terri's Knitblog
Sally &Susan's -  The Rainey Sisters
Elizabeth's -  Chez Lizzie
Mary's - Hugs For Your Head

Happy weekend and happy reading.


Sandra said...

Norma of NowNormaKnits has taken a break from blogging due to some nasty anonymous comments that she was having trouble ignoring. I can understand this - I got a nasty comment a while ago and it really bugged me. I can only imagine what a ton of them would feel like. I think that being able to comment anonymously has emboldened people to say things they would not say in real life, and it can be hurtful. I think Yarn Harlot Stephanie said it best, 9and I'm paraphrasing...) Treat my blog like it's my living room. You wouldn't come in and say mean things (or I'd ask you to leave...) and you wouldn't treat poeple poorly, so don't do it with your words.
I still like blogging - it's kind of like a journal for me, and it doesn't bore me, so I'm sticking around. Ravelry's a great resource, but I don't see it as a replacement for blogging. I'm sort of on Facebook, but not really. And Twitter? I don't really care that you're walkig down the street. or eating. or sneezing. really.

LaurieM said...

We're on the same brain-wave Brenda (we've even got the same blog template!).

I'm trying to decide about blogging too...

I wonder if the other part of it is that there's not a lot more ground breaking content to cover. Other than one's personal life, which one must edit carefuly for the internet, if feels like there's nothing original to write. All the good knitting material has already been written.

Or maybe that's just me.

Needles said...

Blogging acts like a journal for me too. If I had not been doing it online, I would have been doing it somewhere else. What I like about it is that as I write, I can pop in pictures of what I am doing. I wish I had that same sort of record of my embroidery and crochet. I like that part so much that I had pdf books done using Blog2Print and sometimes think about getting printed copies too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda - count me in as still a blog reader (and enjoyer!) Love the side photo; yummy-looking feast. That was a fun gathering of our two groups!

Cheers to you and all knit bloggers!