Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Politically Accurate Sweater

Current events have changed my sleeping habits!  My mandatory eight hours have received the 'television toss'.  I was watching TV by  4:30am on  Friday for the  Royal Wedding and stayed up until 1:45am last night watching  federal election results and speakers.  Reality television at it's best!

While the champagne and orange juice served  at the wedding breakfast meant no knitting for me,  last night's vote counting gave me lots of knitting time.  As the campaign closed,  Peasy came close to the finish line.

In the spirit of politics and the historic changes voters gave all  Canadians last night, here is my 'political' sweater.

My sleeve increases  lean both to the left and to the right.  How political is that?

And very nicely behaved they are too.  As I hope the politicians will be once they return to work.  Hope springs eternal!

Like the votes last night, Peasy delivers a big surprise right in the middle of the country garment. Look at that lace!

Not the same old, same old, top-down raglan or vote distribution, but a big surprise in the middle.  The big surprise, the main event and if not  unifying,  certainly  noticeable. 

Lastly,  sadly for some, and in spite of a  vigorous campaign, one of our historically-prominent, political parties looks much like my vigorously re-knit, five-row, garter-stitch edge.

Simply not working.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Very clever, and politically correct! lol

Joansie said...

I just love that sweater. Think I'll queue that one.

Sel and Poivre said...

"Political" but also "Poetical" writing to boot! Nicely done on all counts!

Needles said...

That is the most astute analogy about Mondays events! And a darn fine sweater too.

freshisle said...

I needed that laugh!
Nice sweater, too.