Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday - A Day late

Readers who blog know that Blogger has been down for maintenance. A one hour shut down, Wednesday's message read.  Since the site wasn't up and running until after lunch today, maintenance at Blogger's house is  like maintenance at my house.    Readers who are don't blog must have wondered if I had stayed home from knit group this week.  Heavens no!

And glad I am that I went.  Ingrid had a copy of the Koigu magazine that features her design on the front cover.
What she previously neglected to tell us is that she also has two other designs in the magazine.  We sit amongst the  published and famous at our group.

Bonnie is looking for a metre or so of Angora to finish this little hat.
She held the Angora together with another yarn and darn,  the Angora finished first.  

This little red 'hoodie' is another 'craft show' project.
When you have to knit a booth-full of kiddies things before October 1st, there is no time for personal knitting.  I admire her stamina.

Gloria is back!  Gone two weeks, we wondered - "Does she have the flu?"  "Is she  on vacation?"  No.  Turns out she had a pace maker installed.  Just two weeks ago, she didn't know she needed one!  Knitted dolls must be recuperative knitting because look at these!

With some close up shots of the details.

Very wonderful, Gloria. 

Wilma, looking here as if she's hogging the candy dish,  is ready to sew the buttons on the  pink top-down  sweater from Cabin Fever's Baby 'V'.


 Made with  Cotton Tweed  left over form a previous project and the perfect pink for a little girl.

Sandy B showed me how she will sew together her Maggi Jackson's  linen top.  First though she has to sew 73 buttons in a random pattern on both the front and backs of the sweater.  The pattern has you work a purl stitch everywhere Maggi suggests a button be placed.  With 73 to sew on, I'd be glad of those purl stitches.  

I have given Sandy B the first-ever, knit group prize for largest knitting bag. Who needs a craft room when you have a big this large?

Lastly, but most certainly not least, a new knitter has joined us.  And I FORGOT to take her picture.  Nan - 'skeiner' on ravelry -  has  moved from Toronto to the  Meaford area.  What else would she do on her first Thursday in town but come to knit group?  Nan spotted me on ravelry last year and is the knitter who stopped me in Toronto at Romni Wools last fall.  "Are you Brenda?"  "Brenda from Meaford?" 
We're glad to have you Nan and next time - I'll take a picture.  I promise. 

There might have been a down time for maintenance at Blogger, but at knit group, the knitting never stops.

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