Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With  camera batteries threatening to conk out at any minute, I quickly grabbed just a few photos at knit group today.
It was good to see Gloria back.
We've missed her.  She's been entertaining overseas visitors, here  in Canada for  her daughter's wedding.  No visitors could keep Gloria from knitting, it would appear.  This is the lovely baby outfit she brought for show and tell.

Gail still working on her ball-a-day goal knit several hats this week.  The blue hat with ridges is from Cabin Fever's  book  'Need A Hat?'  Two sizes of the same hat for two different grand daughters. 

The pink hat is one that Wilma knit.  Apparently, by inserting a plastic form into the ribbing, the toque transforms to a 'poorboy' cap. It's a 'you have to see it to believe it' thing.

Wilma is knitting socks for a friend's baby.  
Betcha' it's a boy baby.

Just as the camera gasped it's  last battery breath, I snapped this group shot.  No noteworthy projects to see, just a group of ladies having a good time on a Thursday afternoon.

Oh- I wore my Pumpkin Pie Pully.  Two days in a row. It is passing the wear test quite nicely.

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Laurie said...

LOVE all the baby projects and got many new ideas from your last-gasp pictures. thanks!