Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going The Extra Mile

Monday, I posted about my new Chevron Lace socks.  Marie from Sel & Poivre commented to say she liked them but encouraged me to post a picture of them on my feet.   Marie said that on my feet, with the lace 'spread out' to foot width, it would be much easier to get the 'idea' of the lace.  She's right, of course. 

But. the problem  is,  it isn't spring yet.    I mean, how can I take a photo of my feet without getting a portion  of my legs in the picture?    Taking a snap of my legs at any time of year wouldn't win any photographic awards.    But more so in winter when  my legs  are not the clean-shaven beauties they are in summer.

I mean really,  winter legs are always covered, right?  Slacks, long-johns, knee socks,  ski pants.  Think of the winter knitting time you gain by not worrying about stubble!

Today though, for you, Marie and any others that  are interested in foot-width lace,  I've gone the extra mile.  It took a bit of prep time but here are the lovely Chevron lace socks on stubble-free legs.  Let's see if Fred notices!


Sel and Poivre said...

Now this is a perfect example of just how wonderful the knitters of knit blog land truly are! 'Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty! That lace is beautiful all stretched out and those spring-ready gams set it all off to perfection!

The way those stripes match up across the two socks isn't too shabby either!

Laurie said...

You shaved your legs just for us? LOL! Well, it really does emphasize the total awesomeness of the socks. Great yarn, great pattern. And look at that - they match! :-)

Stephanie said...

Great pattern! Legs are so covered during the winter that it definitely doesn't matter, but I don't shave my legs, period. It's much too much work.

Gisella said...

Well done! These are just beautiful! Wonderful yarn, great colours and the pattern looks utterly gorgeous!

I must admit that I find it too much palaver to go the extra shaving mile before taking winter-time sock pics. I rest my heels on a wall and take a photo that stops at the sock/leg edge, very lazy I'm sure!
The camera focus is useful too: it highlights the socks only but renders any leg stubble invisible, hee-hee!
Well done you for the effort!