Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting Content Resumes Tomorrow

In the mean time, I'm still hyped about our weekend in Ottawa.

Un-beknownst to us when we planned our trip,  the government was to fall on the very day we were sitting in the public gallery.  Although we didn't stay for the actual vote as it seemed to be a foregone conclusion, we nonetheless saw the parliamentarians in fine form in the  hours just prior to the vote.  There were many a desk thumping "Hear Hear"  and several spontaneous, standing ovations when a favourite opinion was stated.  The members are not allowed to boo or to call each other names or even to speak directly to each other.   All comments, are directed to the moderator - named The Speaker Of The House - and thus  things are kept quite civil despite the noisy, enthusiastic 'carrying ons'. 

Most of our following activities  paled in comparison to the excitement of  the fist-pumping, pontificating speeches we heard and saw in  Parliament.  But that afternoon, we did spend several hours at the National Art Gallery.  With Peter as our personal art historian/expert we got a lot more out of the exhibits than we might have on our own.  In the boutique, I bought my usual art show purchase- coffee mugs.  This is a set of absolutely gorgeous, bone china mugs, displaying  images of Tom Thompson paintings.

The box in itself is a work of art.

Hours were also spent at the Aviation Museum where by luck of a quiet day we had a personal guided tour.  Then we were off to the mint, where I held a gold bar.   In the movies you see them being tossed back and forth between robbers,  but let me tell you, those suckers are heavy.  28 pounds to be exact.  Tossing it would be a hernia-inducing experience, I'm sure. 

On the last day, after five hours, full heads and tired feet,  we had to leave the remainder of the National War Museum for another visit.   This museum is worth the time and money if all one does is  gape at the architecture.  It is  beyond outstanding.

Add into the weekend,  great  Italian Food, lunch in the same French Cafe that refused to take  President Obama's money when he asked for  cookies to take home to his girls, a breakfast of bagels baked over an open, wood-burning fire, Irish Draft, and dinner in the dark during Earth Hour and you have a pretty - excuse the pun- capital experience.

And knitting content returns tomorrow.


Sandra said...

sounds great. YOu really can't beat Ottawa for the museums and such - really a national treasure.

Joansie said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I find it especially interesting as to how other governments operate.

Sel and Poivre said...

Brenda I have been labouring under the belief that you planned your Ottawa trip to coincide with a big day on the Hill! I've been thinking how brilliant it was to head there to actually see something other than bickering in the House!

We lived in Ottawa years ago, it almost killed me to move away - its such a fabulous city! (As are those mugs!)

I'm jealous of your having a personal tour guide for the National Gallery!

Christy J said...

The mugs are nice, yes, but I would buy them just for the box. Fantastic! I am heading south to Phoenix for a couple of weeks. Lst year I brought home for myself - a mug with Kokopelli on it. And yarn, of course, goes without saying.

LynS said...

I visited Ottawa about ten years ago and loved it - I'd love to have another opportunity to visit it at a more leisurely pace. And how fortunate to be in parliament for a Major Event. I suspect you must operate under different parliamentary rules from us - you can rarely describe heated debate in the Australian parliament as 'civil'.

Vera said...

What a great experience. I envy you!! I would love those mugs or even the box ☺