Monday, November 15, 2010

What A Weekend

Sorry about not getting a post on the blog on Friday morning. Fred and I left earlier than anticipated for a weekend of wild, frolicking fun in Toronto. Well, as wild and frolicking as it gets for this set of grandparents.

The excuse for a dose of city life was a Johnny Reid concert. Having never heard a Johnny Reid song in my life, I had to ask Johnny who? Fortunately, I have lots of family members who are very enthusiastic fans.

Friday night I was in Massey Hall - a first for me - seeing a very lovable Johnny sing to extremely fanatical fans. What a hoot! It was a most enjoyable time.

Saturday there was lunch at The Rex while we listened to Danny Marks. It pays to have your 90 year old Dad along when you go to these events. Ninety year olds always attract attention and Dad, because he loves the attention and banters back, gets more than most. Danny didn't disappoint. Between songs, he had us howling with laughter as he tried to entice everyone who entered the place to sit with Dad. For a definition of the word askance, you only needed to see the look on the young ladies faces when they were asked to sit beside this old fella with a pony tail. No takers until son/grandson Peter came along.

After Danny we were off to Grossman's Tavern to hear The Happy Pals, a Dixieland Jazz group that have been playing Grossmans for 40 years. It is niece Katie's birthday this week and her choice for a birthday celebration was to spend the afternoon listening to The Happy Pals. Great fun.

I have to say, you city people must be tremendously fit. We walked miles and miles in Toronto. Of course, Toronto has a great public transit system, but it is underground. For those of us that only get an occasional glimpse of the bright lights, walking is the preferred method of getting around. Tough on the feet though.

This morning before leaving the big smoke, we had breakfast with son Peter and then went over to his studio to see his latest paintings.

All in all, a great weekend. A perfect antidote to our normally quiet, small-town life. Can't wait 'till next time.


LaurieM said...

Wow! How exciting! Sounds like you had a great time.

Would love to see a picture of your 90 year old dad and his pony tail. :)

Vera said...

I agree with Laurie, let us have a picture of Dad. That was some weekend!!

Yarn and Ivories said...

So much music and so little time! How to pack it in...! lol