Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Back in the upper room at the library, everyone found us today.

Wilma is knitting to a deadline. She wants to finish off the presents for the Christmas box going out west. Apparently her Grand daughters like Barbie dolls. Wilma has made some beautiful gowns for the dolls. These little dresses are crocheted. Here Wilma starts garment number three.

Sharon has a new wrap underway. Inspired by one her daughter wore to a recent wedding, she has some lovely, slubby, grey yarn and is knitting the wrap in stockinet stitch. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Gail, still sick with 'the cold that won't go away', models her latest stash buster. A beautiful Christmas gift for some lucky relative.

Ingrid wearing, no, working with, no, wearing AND working with Koigu shows me her latest dress in the making. This portion is the skirt section.

Notice how she shaped this piece. At the top there are very few stitches between cables. At the hem, look how many more stitches there are.

Bonnie shows off yet another adult sweater.
I tell you, we've created a non-stop knitter here. From never before to never ending - this knitter can't stop knitting adult sweaters. Great cuddly-looking sweater, Bonnie.

At this point, I got distracted. There are no pictures of Doreen who finished a scarf. Or Marlene knitting a Chemo Cap. And I didn't even ask Gloria what project she has on the needles. Next week.

My Survivor Review. Still, I think it should be Survivor Bonkers!
Let's see. It's raining. How can we protect the fire? I know! Let's put a wooden box on top of it, then leave camp for a few hours. Bonkers.

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LynS said...

Your 'Survivor' coments are fascinating - I have to wait another 4 days for this episode. Thanks for protecting me from my own curiosity about what is going to happen.

Your knitting group is wonderfully productive.