Friday, August 28, 2009

What Kind Of Service Can I Expect??

Finally, the 'good- gas-station-service' topper is done. The topper I had hoped to wear as travel attire for our trip home - finished just ten days too late.

Would it have generated better gas-station service? My knitting jury is still out on this topper. It is from Creative Knitting - the summer issue. It looks lovely in the picture.

But on me???
Kind of 'yeck'.

Why do I say 'yeck'? The yarn, DK weight as called for, Super 10 cotton, seems much too heavy for the design.
The swing shape doesn't flatter me.
Mine doesn't 'swing' much. Which maybe is a good thing since the style doesn't flatter.
The sleeves are 'way' too wide and revealing.

If you look great in wide, gaping sleeves and swing style tops and chose to make this sweater, my suggestion would be a fine, lace-weight or sock-weight yarn, knit on whatever needles give the correct gauge. Extend the sleeves to 3/4 length and wear over a cami in the cooler months.

Mine? Well, I will block it and see if it improves any. But at the moment, I'm disappointed and not going out for gas any time soon.


LaurieM said...

It's nicely knit, and I think a good blocking will help the look. Perhaps blocking will help the swing too?

I know how frustrating it can be when a knit doesn't work out. I'm in the midst of one now... ggrrrr....

Zieknits said...

I agree, blocking will help.

Though it's too late for this FO, perhaps a different, more-contrasting-with-skin-tone colour might 'pop' the pattern? Could you wear it over, say, a turtleneck?

Great knitting, though! Gas station attendants would have been impressed, I'm sure. ;-)