Friday, August 21, 2009

A Great Gift

All my adult life, I have been interested in canning and preserving food. I wonder, sometimes, if I am part pioneer. The Mennonite lifestyle has always appealed to me, however, some of my friends laugh heartily when they try to think of me living such a life.

For years, in my suburban home, with young and not-so-young children running around, I canned and jammed my way through each summer and fall. (For me, the year has five seasons -the normal four, of course, plus canning season.) And now I have an adult son who does the same. Look at what he gifted us with as we prepared to leave Hearst.

Other than the wild blueberries which are local to Hearst, all the other fruits in these jams were grown and picked in Southern Ontario then trucked to the grocery store in Hearst. We drove them back South with us making them very well-travelled jams. A great gift. Thanks, Char.

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Zieknits said...

Okay! Toast for everybody! :) Yum.

I can tomato sauce and cucumber relish, and freeze corn, from veggies dh grows in our own garden.

Are you home? :)