Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dismal to Delightful

Weather forecasting is not an accurate science. But when the weatherman predicted, early on in our vacation, that the weather would be dismal, he was right on.

Dismal it has been. Dismal as in grey and overcast - every day. Dismal as in either drizzle or downpour - every day.
That is until the first day of summer. August 12th. Since that time we have had a complete 180' turn in the weather. It has been sunny and 31' - every day. Delightful weather.

Should we be so lucky that this delighful weather continues until we leave for home on August 19th, we will have had one week -seven days - of nice weather this summer.

I often wonder why our ancestors bothered to settle this country.


LaurieM said...

Because bad as it is, our weather is better than England's.

Zieknits said...

And, to add to Laurie's point, because they COULD. The weather wasn't the only thing "better than England's..."

Sorry your holiday wx wasn't better, but you must admit it is something of a 'high-quality problem'. ;-)